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These things are pretty damn big.... would any of you guys want to test them out?
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@JoeyMotionless I highly doubt it
3 years ago·Reply
I'm not a big fan of steam rollers. You can slide them, but it's like slamming the brakes in a car. They just shave off speed like a mofo
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Thanks @KTM2014 I didn't think they would because of how the edges are. Now I'm that much more intelligent
3 years ago·Reply
Which edges? the lips look sharp which gives you lots of grip. The steamroller effect just adds more friction, creating more grip, which slows you down while sliding, and they also resist rolling because of that fat contact patch. with that in mind you can still beat someone that has say RADs or something. You just have to have more skill with your wheels
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Amen brother @ktm2014
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