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Feel free to add to the list! AMIRIGHT? Literal translation: "Are we on the same page?" or "Do you catch my drift?" BAIL Fall off your board. Did you see that guy just bail? YEEEWWOO that hurt! BOARDSIDE (BUSHING) Refers to the bushing closest to your board or under the truck hanger. See also: Roadside (bushing) What bushing are you running boardside? BOMB (BOMBING) To ride down a hill fast. That guy was bombing that hill so hard! BURLY Going big with a trick. That slide was burly! DAD Name for people / Something to be said. (Are you my dad? Thanks dad. Dad. DOPE Referencing the amount of steeze in ones trick. Dude that slide was dope! DURO Short for durometer, the rating of hardness for wheels and bushings. What duro are you running in your set up? EAT IT / ATE IT To fall off your board and crash. Ahh he ate it good. GNAR Gnarly. Extreme. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extremely extreme and 1 being not so extreme, gnar would be 11. GNAR BAR Variation of gnar. HIGH SIDE When the wheels grip up mid slide and throw you off your board forward, down the hill. Dangerous and no fun. Easy fix: lean back more. HYPED when your hyped about something = your excited or pumped up. KNUCKS FO LUCKS Nuff said. (We're actually not even sure what this means, it's just fun to say.) LANDY Short for Landyachtz, a brand of skateboards. LOW SIDE When the wheels slide out more than you expected and the board shoots out from you. Holes in ya pants. Easy fix: lean forward over the board more. PRANDAL Paris/Randal Trucks. These are made by mixing a Paris hanger with a Randal baseplate, or vice versa. Yo dawg, my Prandals have more lean than your PNLs! TURNT / MAD TURNT When you're mad turnt, you're going hard. "Yo that was mad turnt" = "Yo you're shredding" MOBBING Going fast, killing it, shredding like crazy (That kid is mobbing) OTANG Short for Orangatang, Loaded's wheel brand. ROADSIDE (BUSHING) Refers to the bushing closest to the road and above the truck hanger. See also: Boardside (bushing) What bushing are you running roadside? SHRALP Similar to shred, may be used as a step up from shred. "Holy *@$# that dude was straight shralpping!" SHRED To skate in an outstandingly gnarly or sketchy circumstance that proves your skill as a skateboarder. SHRED SLED Your longboard set up. Grab your shred sled man, let's go bomb! STEEZE Coolness. Look at that guy and all his steez. STEEZY (STEEZEY) Coolness with a Y. STOKED To be intensely hyped about something. Also the name of yours truly. SUMURFING Smurf surfing. THANE Short for urethane, which is short for polyurethane. Thane is what wheels are made of. (Did you see all that thane that guys slide lay down? THANE LINES The awesome urethane lines longboard wheels make when riders do slides. Groms and pros alike measure their thane lines to see whose are biggest. THROW DOWN Doing a trick that puts it all out there. Did you see that guy throw down that heelside? It was awesome. TRILL True and real. In other words "that was trill" = "that was cool"
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so high siding is when you are sliding and you are too high on you lean and low side, aka a wash out, is when you are to low on your lean. steez is a combination of style and ease urethane and polyurethane are two different things you should add kook, kooky, grom, icy, tech slide and blowing it