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My Quiver & Sale
Here's my quiver, a lot of it is for sale. Comment about what something is, and message if you want to buy anything.
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@TonyDeAnda 60 shipped.
3 years ago·Reply
wats the brand first @agek
3 years ago·Reply
@TonyDeAnda I bought if off a friend a while back, I believe it's a landyachtz with custom graphic. But if not it's a custom made board. I've been riding for years and it's a good solid board, just not my style. The grip needs re-done which id be willin to do for another 10, or 15 for ultra course grip.
3 years ago·Reply
sorry man something came up sorry cant buy it
3 years ago·Reply
@TonyDeAnda it's cool
3 years ago·Reply