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"Don't worry. I won't fall." - Everyone before they fall So this time I had a helmet, which is good because if I didn't I would've been scalped by a branch on a bush I fell into. Started at the top of this hill. No problem. Done it before. I was mobbin. My friends couldn't keep up. If you look at the pictures you can see at the bottom of the longer straight hill there's a 4 way stop. Originally I was going to turn right. At the time I didn't slide so I was afraid I'd end up in the oncoming traffic lane, so I went left. I went over this slope and got the wobbles. I didn't try to level out so I aimed for the bush. When I came home my mom started crying because I looked like I got hit by a car. Also my shorts ripped. There was a nice little bump on my forehead for a while.
Dangerous, dude. I'm glad you're ok tho. Take care man.
thanks im close by
@TonyDeAnda Lake Elsinore, Tuscany Hills, CA
where is that