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Aisa & Nona - These sisters were rescued when they were 7 weeks old. While earning my psychology degree, one of my professors was an animal behaviorist who had earned his doctorate studying how cats and dogs socialize with humans. He gave me the knowledge to "tame" any cat or dog. And he taught me how "imprint" puppies and kittens - thus replacing their mother and becoming their parent. I've only ever imprinted one other cat - our bond was so close it really broke my heart when she passed away. I wasn't really sure I'd ever want to do it again. But then came Nona & Aisa - who are named for the Roman versions of the Greek Goddesses known as "The Fates". Nona - (Clotho in Greek) is the life giver - the sister who spins thread of life - Nona is Roman for "Ninth" and she was often called upon (prayed to) in the ninth month of pregnancy. She is my beautiful blue-eyed Siamese. Dainty, gentle, soft spoken and delicate, she's my little love. Aisa (Atropos in Greek) is my little mackerel tabby - my wild-cat - a predator and hunter - she's the Fate the cut the mortal cord and brings death. I imprinted them both and as a result I can handle them any way I like. They trust me utterly. They love and crave my attention. As they've aged, Nona has become more independent... but she still loves any private time with me she can get. Aisa has become very pushy and demanding. She sleeps on my pillow or on my neck each night. She'll jump on my shoulders - my profile pick is a photo of me sitting at my desk trying to work with her on my shoulders meowing for attention. They are two sweet, beautiful, wonderful cats who sincerely have no idea they're cats. They think they are little people.
Oh you can absolutely influence the imprinting - meaning if a kitten imprints or not. Typically people get them too late. 5-6 weeks - and really it's not good to take them from their mom so early. In the case of my girls, their mom was killed and thus the reason I adopted them. The imprinting is - well - it's more an instruction manual on cat behavior. And it's way too detailed to write here. But you assume the roll of momma - and you spend 24/7 with them. I have a home office and at the time I was able to work from home. I stayed in the same room with them other than bathroom breaks - for the first 2 weeks I had them. And then they'd start coming into my bedroom and on my bed with me. It's really a lot of work - and although it makes them the "ultimate lap cat" - it's also difficult because you can't ever really reject them from getting in your lap without really confusing and potentially harming them (emotionally). Want to have a skitty-kitty - that's one sure fire way. I have to relate to them differently. Their my children. I can't have a bad day and not want to be bothered with them. They don't understand that. And taking trips and vacations is rough. They really get upset when I leave them for more than a few hours a day.
Wow, how does this imprinting work? Can you control whether or not a kitten imprints?
@JonPatrickHyde wow, to be honest, I never thought this was possible. It's sounds so beautiful to have them connect with you in such a way. I can understand how difficult it must be because they want to be with you all the time. Thank you for sharing, this is such an interesting topic to is making me want to read more about cat behavior.