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Frank Ocean signed a deal to sing the song 'Pure Imagination' (you know, that creepy Willy Wonka song...) for a Chipotle ad for $425,000. He backed out after seeing the final cut which showcased a Chipotle logo at the end of the commercial (because it's, you know, a Chipotle commercial?!) Chipotle is understandably pissed off and asked for their advance of $212,500 back. The most they got, though, was a post on Frank Ocean's Tumblr with a picture of a check with a cute little memo that says 'fuck off!' This whole thing seems a little silly and childish to me, but as of today Frank has played nice and sent his check (without the memo) so maybe he can get back to those burrito bowls like the rest of America. A word for the wise: If you're worrying about selling out, don't sell out?
I really like Frank Ocean...I wonder why he signed this deal in the first place? :/
Man, that was just stupid and rude of him. Not listening to him ever.
He still makes beautiful music, but this wasn't very cool of his management team.
Very dumb of him. IDEK know who Frank Ocean is. Also, it wasn't a creepy Willy Wonka song, that movie is amazing: