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I travel a lot, and I love it. But there are always moments when I question what I am doing, why I am so far from my friends and family, why I keep moving farther away. I get lonely, I miss my dog, I want some Mexican food FROM Mexico, I want to sleep in my room that I've had since birth. I was having one of those days a few weeks ago, where I was sitting in a cafe contemplating the thousands of miles between where I was sitting and my family that I haven't seen in 6 months. Then I turned the page of that latest Murakami novel and stumbled on some words I really needed to hear. "It made perfect sense for him, a foreigner, to feel isolated here. There was nothing odd about it at all. The thought calmed him. He was in exactly the right place." So yes I miss my family, but it is okay for me to have those lonely, confused, and isolated feelings. I love where I am, and I just need to take it day by day.
That's why you are a great traveler!
This resonates with me so much! I have never heard of Murakami...I already like him :-)