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Just playing around with my Breedlove acoustic guitar and an arrangement of the classic Led Zeppelin tune "Friends" for 6-string acoustic guitar. I also experimented with some plugins and filters on my photo for the video that didn't turn out so great. But it's all just an experiment anyway right? :-)
@JonPatrickHyde Your comment made me smile :) This is an amazing cover and I hope that you continue to share these with us (since you're not ready to be in front of a crowd yet^^)
This is seriously awesome! Is there anything you cant do? hahaha
Yes. I'm not any good at cooking. I'm not at all comfortable in crowds. I couldn't sing a note in key if you put a gun to my head. I'm not crazy about math although I have to admit I'm pretty good at it now - it wasn't the case until a few years ago. And so far my attempts at original music are just not at all satisfying to me. :D Thank you for the compliment.