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A friend had sent me a glass guitar pick from Hawaii - it was an interesting concept. The pick is of course a little heavy - it's extremely rigid. And it has a ton of attack. It's very bright and totally affects the tone. With the right effects (like the psychedelic little riff I play in this video) it sounds great. Not for everyday but totally something cool to have in the arsenal. The tuning of the guitar is C F C F A C - BTW... I'd been playing a lot of Jimmy Page - Zeppelin stuff and the guitar was tuned for "When the Levee Breaks" so I just went with it. I'm playing a very special set-neck guitar with a solid South American Rosewood neck - it's legal - it's not the banned Brazilian Rosewood. It's an amazing playing guitar. Set-neck - not bolt-on. It also has a set of prototype EMG active pickups - they were nice enough to send them to me to demo and I fell in love with them. They would start producing these pickups as the 57/66 set the following year. Great sounding pups.
They're from Hawaii. so probably volcanic glass. would be my best guess.
well I was digging it man! That was pretty sweet. Is there a certain type of glass it's made out of?
that's pretty cool! sounds good to!
Thank you! It's very different! I don't use it often. But it's cool to have it if I decide I need or want that sound.