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I met this thing today and if I hate something most it are those gaps where you trip and make you look stupid in front of other people."/
When hit cracks like that I try like a hippie jump and as long as both wheels make it over the crack before u land ur all good'!
for thin cracks try coming in at an angle havin one one wheel crossing the Crack before the other
Yeah it's definitely fun and when u try ollieing up a curb wear elbow pads lol
I have no issue with gaps. Mine is when the lip to get up onto a sidewalk is tall, or it doesn't have a ramp at all... Gotta learn how to ollie. @BlakeRuss I do that same thing over speed bumps. That's the best, and the funnest way to get over those things with out scratching your deck
Learn early grabs. But I can't say to much cause so far I can't do early grabs.
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