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looking at getting a set, and have seen good reviews, but I want to know how good they are with your guy's opinion
I have the blue 78a but they feel like there 82a but there pretty nice
Fun, I have the orange ones and almost cored them. Good for a people
many times on my main with the zombie minis I'd go into a corner and if going to fast I'd slide prematurely.
I should rephrase. A fatter/wider wheel will require more speed for a sustained slide. The bigger contact patch will slow you down more when sliding but gives more control when speeding downhill.
I got the orange 84s on my spare board (loaded tan tien) and used to rock em on my main (landyachtz switchblade 38) they are good solid wheels that have fat slides and good predictability, and control. speed is alright. recently have swapped out the zombie minis from my main to put on a set of These. I have the ATF327 82a 69mm green and I like them much better. slides are buttery and controlled and smooth, but had some shudder at the start. These wheels are larger but also wider which gives good control above the zombie minis and more speed.
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