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So today I taught my friend how to ride a longboard because she has been saying she wants to learn and it was awesome. Plus I really like her and having her hug all over me and stuff was nice(also before anyone says anything my girlfriend broke up with me a while back). But she is a fast learner. How many people have you guys taught?
I know she will, and yeah, the military isn't gonna stop me. I'm gonna board around the bases I get put at @KacperKania
@MicahKnopp dude that's so awesome. Both the military and teaching your sister
@MicahKnoop wow you should use military longboard...and don't worry your sister can practice and can get better
Sounds like a plan dude! @DanielSpazJames
I was in the process of teaching my youngest sister (she's 11), but I didn't get far before the weather changed, and I won't be able to teach her anymore cause I'll me in the military in January. But she's good enough to take mellow hills and keep her balance
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