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Cat dancers are amazing. I never get tired to seeing how cats can move their bodies through space to catch their prey - in this case a little strip of denim attached to a string - attached to a long skinny wooden dowel. There are picks of all four of my cats flying like birds of prey! LOL.
I cannot get enough of these flying cats this is amazing! I love the dimension the mirror adds in some of them.
These are so cool, I like the second one, reminds me of a dance move that Puss-n-boots would do, but my favorite is number 3, the angle makes it look like he's climbing the curtains, big no no, but in the mirror you can see that he is just leaping for dear life.
this is great
@jonpatrickhyde your shots of these babies are incredible. The height of their mid-air ballet is astonishing!
@marshalledgar - funny! I have hundreds of shots taken over the past few years. I never get tired of seeing the ways these beautiful and graceful critters move their bodies when they hunt.
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