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Hello everyone! The community staff and I have decided to do some events here on Vingle so we can interact more! As the current Technology Community Moderator, I am allowed to feature one card and two collections on the Technology Community page. So, this November we'll be featuring some of your cards and collections. Our Ubuntu Expert (@patrickballeux), Gadget Geek (@DanWest), and I will be on the lookout for your awesome cards & collections to feature! >> Featured Tech Card of the Week Share a card on any topic related to technology. We'll be posting topic ideas as well. It should be a card that is thoughtful, well-written, and more than just a link. If you are chosen, your card will be featured as a sticky card on the tech page. (more info on sticky cards on vingle: good card examples: • >> Featured Collection If there's an awesome collection out there, we'll feature it. Maybe it could be open source news, gadget reviews, or even programming related. Hope to see your awesome content here on Vingle.
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This is great, I'll make sure to put some more thought into my cards @TechAtHeart