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For some reason I was searching up the web for a new, you know, "image". As I came across one picture, I also came across this, I laughed and I thought, am i allowed to put this up??? Well if I'm not, then that'll be my own fault, but if it is, I find it funny.... (in my own opinion people)
ooooh i wad mistaken there my eyes are blurd upon seeing this pic. hahaha i though his swimming hahaha :::))))
bwahahaha u just makes me laugh aloud hahahaha i just imagine swimming and then u're _____ comes off in the pool haha, anyways not bad it's just for fun,,,
hahahahahahaha this is priceless... imagine this guy coming towards you on the street at night O__O
ahahahahahahaha, inoe as u noe, i was jus surfin thru da web wen i sw dis lolz :)
im speechless that you posted this pic, this is funny, hahhahahahha!!!!!!
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