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This image is a challenge for anyone to post a photo with a primary pallet that's cool (blues) - that shows nature's fury. This can be any type of natural event - doesn't have to be devastating. A waterfall is a furious thing depending on it's size... So put on your thinking caps! @TechAtHeart @photogandy @Vaius @hikaymm
@TechAtHeart Take a trip to the east coast--we have more storms than we need!! @JonPatrickHyde This is a great piece: i haven't been able to catch anything like this in long exposure, and like you said, this clearly takes some time and practice!
I have always wanted to do that. I have played around with long exposure (and light scribing) but haven't done a serious photo yet! Not many storms over here in California, but I hope I can think of something else to capture!
I went through a phase after discovering how cool a long exposure (1-30 seconds) could be if you had the camera stable (like on a tripod)... there are always storms along the Atlantic Coast. So I'd wait for one - set the camera up on a tripod and stand there for hours - pressing the shutter - using the timer so my hand didn't shake the body of the camera when I pressed it - and then waiting. 5-10-20-30 seconds at a time. I then got into doing 20-30 minute exposures - but that's a whole other thing. LOL.
Awesome! Thanks so much for tagging. I need to go shoot some pictures. Love this photo, I have never been able to see lighting with my own eyes