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Ah juxtaposition! Fury in Blue - Tranquility in Red... see the theme? We associate color with emotion. Calm = Cool Passionate = Warm What happens when you reverse the two? That's what this is about. 1 Photo of Nature's Fury in a Cool Pallet 1 Photo of Nature's Calm in a Warm Pallet. What do you say? Does this sound fun? @TechAtHeart @photogandy @Vaius @hikaymm
@photogandy - this is SoCal. Near Barstow coming across from Needles on I-10. :D
Wow, this is awesome, reminds me of back home in southern California when you would have wild fires in the foothills. This would be a cool start, I think at least for me, it will force me to really think and take my time to compose my shots, just what the doctor ordered.
This is awesome! I love the colors that are all mashed into one view: one of big beauties of nature. I'll be searching for what photos I can include in this week's challenge as well!
It was winter and a rare desert rain storm was coming through just as the sun was setting. It was really amazing. Just a juxtaposition from what we normally think of when we see the desert.
Love this. Sounds great! I have never even thought about colors this way before.
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