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Nature's Tranquility in Red
This is really more appropriate I think. Let's make this my entry. @TechAtHeart @photogandy @Vaius @hikaymm ___________________ 35mm 320T - Tungsten Reversal Stock - Kodak Vision3 Motion Picture Film - custom rolled into a still camera cartridge. Nikon F5 Nikkor 50mm f1.2 lens 1/2000 sec @ f1.2
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This is such a great picture. I've always wanted to learn film!
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What I like about film is that you can't afford to waste it. You have to think about your shots. You need to be more careful with film. With digital you can shoot hundreds of shots and hope that one is good. With film if you shoot hundreds of shots you hope that only one is bad.
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@JonPatrickHyde You just described my feelings about film so precisely. I love it. This photo is really calming; I think it would suit some kind of greeting card or gift quite well
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