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if you guys remeber a while back, i posted a 3d design i made of a custom deck design. So i was talking to one of my robotics teachers who sugested that I use one of our machines to create a wooden mold of the deck. I can then take it to an autoshop and vacuum press fiberglass sheets over the mold. If i actually do get that done, and the price is decent i can start selling them on here to anyone who wants! Let me know what you guys think about this!!!
wow goodluck on starting your business man
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That's totally awesome and did you say robotics???
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Yeah limited press and high quality decks unlike mass pressed deck
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hell yeah dude! if you start selling, I'll definitely get one to test out
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Thanks @AlainCasmiro! and yeah lmao its a class in my school @DanielSpazJames. They call it robotics but it is a computer 3D designing class. Basically taught me how to use one of the common programs in the engineering world haha. As far as the deck goes, its a longshot guys, but ill do my best and keep all of you posted!
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