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Finally! The long awaited arrival of my Tesseract has ended. i decided to copy @steezus 's post haha 1st pic: A MuirSkate box containing a very special surprise! 2nd pic: The first opening of the box with my knife sticking out (yes @steezus, this is from your post xD) 3rd pic: all the soft crap I don't need! 4th pic: muirskate gift package! 5th and 6th pic: My new, absolutely beautiful Loaded Tesseract! Parts: Loaded Tesseract Deck Paris V2 180 Trucks Beasto Bearings MuirSkate Offset 83a wheels Thank you so much @Mikerosa92 for this awesome prize. I can't wait to go try it. Good luck to everyone in the current giveaway and i hope that some of you will soon feel the joy i feel right now!!!!
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The real question is...whose knife is bigger?
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Hahaha congrats man its beautiful!
3 years ago·Reply
woaw can't explain the feeling TT shiting gold glitters.. rainbow tears haha that's super awesome loaded "T-Rex"
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haha im planning to spend my whole weekend on this board
3 years ago·Reply
I evny you so much right now. That is my dream board.
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