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Tech enthusiasts, I'd love your advice. So I've been wanting a solid state drive for my laptop for a long time now. My laptop does not have two hard-drive bays, so I have to give up my 1TB hard-drive. However, I'm willing to make the switch knowing the increased speeds of SSDs. There's this interesting article I read while researching: "5 Things You Can't Do With Solid State Drives". The following 5 things are listed: 1. You can't defragment 2. You can't use the index feature in Windows 3. You can't use older OS that don't support TRIM (not an issue for me) 4. You can't use it forever (isn't that true for hard drives as well? haha) 5. You can ( but shouldn't ) use it to it's full capacity because performance will slow down (also true for regular hard-drives) Do you use a SSD? If you do, why do you use it? If you don't, why do you choose not to have one? Also, which SSD would you recommend?
@techatheart, yes you may certainly use an SSD alongside a magnetic disk and enjoy its main advantage, which is a much faster reading speed. If you have a photos library for example. SSD is great for that
IMO SSD's are not ready to fully replace magnetic disks yet. They are great if you have a chunk of data which is read only, that is, they are certainly a good substitute for optical media ( and thanks god for that... ), but if you are doing allot of read-writing like in a typical usage of a laptop's hard disk, my advice is to stick to magnetic for now.
@orenshani7 yes, I store many photos. Also, I use Adobe Master Collection and from what I understand it would improve performance of these programs. I may hold off until I own a laptop that would allow having both. Thank you for the advice!
@orenshani7 Thanks! All advice is helpful. Would you day it is better if you are able to have both ssd and traditional hard drive?