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Mary stay out all night~
maybe its just me~ i dont really like this drama ): apart from seeing jang geun seok Smiling like a cutieee! i found the story very draggyyy ): so thats it for Mary staying out all night! im going to move on to "to the beautiful you" hope its going to be good. dramas like SSK and "you're beautiful",where a girl pretends to be a guy is so interesting! im always hooked!(:
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well.. i always ask for suggestion..they help... lets see...have you seen secret garden, full house, personal taste or playful kiss?? they are good dramas.. to the beautiful you got pretty monotonous so i skipped a few episodes there..good luck!!
i've seen personal taste and playful kiss! those are such cute dramas!~i havent seen full house and secret garden thou! they will be on my list! (: thanks for suggestions!(:(:(:
yes, it's kind of boring and the ending is so lame... It's totally wasting JGS and MGY's talent