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sooo christmas and birthday's are coming up, and im going to buy my sister some new wheels, she cruzes, also thinking abouy getting a new free ride board? so whats ur favorite board like ever haha ? trucks? favorite wheels? brands? thanks guys(:
if your starting to slide blood orange liam Morgan 65mm, trucks I reccomend for freeride atlas trucks for downhill ronin cast, and for boards bustin, comet, earthwing I reccomend if your under 5'10 like me get the earthwing hoopty 34 with atlas trucks, blood orange wheels 65mm 84a, with zealous bearings
thanks guys (:
I suggest the Santa Cruz Trip Dot TyeDye Bamboo for freeriding :D it's super affordable ALLLL over the Internet, and it's fun! As for Cruise wheels for your sister, you should definitely buy some Sector 9 61mm 78a 9-balls. They're only $28!
Also throw a 1/8th inch riser on it to avoid wheel bite
Loaded tesseract I set mine up with caliber II 44s and otang Kilmers the Keanu's are too small for it in my opinion and the 44 degree truck compliments the rocket beautifully
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