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A dedication to Hawaii, my favorite place to be, and the ocean, a world with the most interesting and diverse wild life on earth. A turtle to represent family. A manta ray to represent intelligence and power. A shark to represent self reliance, instinct, strength through independence, and being true to your gentle nature even with a negative reputation and ability to cause harm. A sea horse to represent loyalty, sensitivity to your surroundings and relationships, and light hearted nature. And the black and blue "ropes" to tie all of this into one human being.
that is so beautiful
like the design an color!
No these aren't my first. I had a small one done that's on my hip under my underwear. then I got the manta then the turtle, the the left leg and sea horse, then the shark and right leg and hips
Very impressive ink, @KaitlynnJanae. You found a good artist! I lived on Oahu for three years and, just, wow. Paradise. I did get a little island fever towards to end, but you really can't complain when you're living in paradise. Did you come up with the design yourself? Obviously a ton of thought went into this. It's very nice.
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