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A dedication to Hawaii, my favorite place to be, and the ocean, a world with the most interesting and diverse wild life on earth. A turtle to represent family. A manta ray to represent intelligence and power. A shark to represent self reliance, instinct, strength through independence, and being true to your gentle nature even with a negative reputation and ability to cause harm. A sea horse to represent loyalty, sensitivity to your surroundings and relationships, and light hearted nature. And the black and blue "ropes" to tie all of this into one human being.
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Very cool! I want to get a vine going up my arm. I have a lamb right now but I can't decide on the "look" of the vine. I may just have my hubby draw it and then the tattoo artist can do something with that. Was this your first tattoo?
No these aren't my first. I had a small one done that's on my hip under my underwear. then I got the manta then the turtle, the the left leg and sea horse, then the shark and right leg and hips
like the design an color!
that is so beautiful