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I was half naked in the other room I heard you raising your voice about a spider. I slipped on my shirt and came out to you. You asked me to squish it. The first thing that came to my head was how I didn't want the spider to die. He wasn't bothering me. Or you. He just made you squeamish. That's all. I took a second look in your eyes and turned my body. I smacked that spider, bare handed, against the white cupboard door. I took a third look in your eyes. You were taken by surprise and told me that was gross. I just smiled. You smiled back. And that spider, I'm sure, gave me bad karma.
ya from the beginning I could tell it's topic was on relations... I was able to relate.. got me thinking bout how my lady wants to do mma fighting which is brutal but she is so scared when it comes to a little spider ha.. @KaitlynnJanae
thanks guys :) I just remember that moment being something that I wanted to capture because it shows perfectly how her and my relationship was together when we first started dating.
I really like this because it just feels so natural, and real. I believe every word of it.
A simple anecdote that says so much about a relationship: I love your use of action to convey the feelings and messages that were being radiated between these two @KaitlynnJanae