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The greatest diet on Earth and it's not a joke. This diet is easy and simple. You can eat as many donuts as you want and drink only water. The kind of donut does not matter and you should eat at least two dozen a day. Doctors form the University of Miami say that if you follow the plan, you can lose up to 50 pounds in 3 months. They warn that it should only be used for short term, but like any other fad diet it will lack other nutrients.
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Oh, I really want to get some right away! The way they melt inside your mouth, YUMMY!
you are making me hungryyyy! i dont know if this doughnut diet is having the right effect on me
I am seriously going to try it. I wonder how much that would cost per day?
Can I? OMG
are u serious? ... two dozen? ewwwww. can never never do that especially with krispy creme... toooooo sweet.