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My Daily Gear and My Turf lol
Especially on beautiful days (and nights), I don't go anywhere without my Longboard, Ukulele, and food xD No matter where you are, make everyday an adventure! You may discover great new spots!
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Haha! Just cruise around with a Fruit Bouquet hat while playing ukulele and doing the hula! Lmao I would totally do that in Clearwater or Sarasota! @AndrewVollmar
3 years ago·Reply
the people at frenchy's and the hotel and the surf shop will be like what the hell
3 years ago·Reply
dont really need much more! love this (:
3 years ago·Reply
Haha! True! xD @AndrewVollmar
3 years ago·Reply
Definitely!! @KLAIRELAURIE C:
3 years ago·Reply