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These folks at The Bouqs know a thing or two about flowers. So when they published this Flower Food, DIY I simply had to share it with you all. Easy DIY Flower Food Recipes 1. Lemon Juice – Sprinkle lemon juice and sugar in water for your vase. Sugar provides food that plants need to survive, while lemon juice lowers the pH of the flower and prevents bacteria from attacking the flowers. For added emphasis on bacteria control, add a quarter of bleach to make sure your flowers are well-guarded. Change this mix every three or four days. 2. Soda – Use 7-Up, Sprite, or any other kind of citrus soda and mix it with 2/3rds part water. Make sure to choose regular sodas and not diet, and avoid non-citrus sodas like Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper as they have too much acid. The acidity will prevent bacteria from eroding your bouquet. Make sure to change the mixture every day so that your flowers can receive the maximum nourishment and protection. 3.Apple Cider Vinegar – Not only good for your health, apple cider vinegar will also increase the health of your flowers while keeping bacteria at bay. Mix it with some sugar and water to see your flower thrive. White vinegar will work just as well, just add more sugar. Change this every few days. 4. Copper Penny – Add a copper penny or two and a teaspoon of sugar. The copper in the penny will prevent the growth of bacteria by releasing acid. For added protection, add bleach. 5. Crushed Aspirin – A slightly less effective but fun method, crush aspirins to put in your water, along with an equal dosage of sugar. The aspirin contains salicylic acid and will also lower the pH. Good way to get rid of dusty painkillers that might have fallen out of their bottle. 6. Vodka – Yes, you’ve heard that right, vodka can keep your flowers alive in style. Concoct a cocktail of vodka, water, and sugar, with the vodka diluted by at least half. Add a scoop of sugar and change the water every day, (or until you run out of vodka.)
@sanityscout Lol, I know. The penny idea was the most surprising one to me. Sort of felt like an old wives tale.
Wow, these are so weird and interesting! I never would have thought of it. The soda one is especially hard to imagine. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to pick one to try...
So the penny isn't just some myth? It actually works!? Good to know!