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make this a pie chart and add lurking to it.
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@Jlukasik Exactly, that's what I mean. It's the same thing, but where I live, there seems to be a clear separation and dislike towards each.
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every discipline has some stupid people. hell, my friend hates on street skating, and his reasons make no sense, just like some street skaters' reasons don't towards other disciplines. I think a majority of street skaters who hate on it hate it because they think its just cruising, and the things they have seen are not that impressive ie: push up slides and colemans I skate both, doesn't leave a lot of time to get really good at one discipline, but it makes you a more rounded skater ime. just my two cents.
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You're right. I've tried a standard skateboard, but it personally wasn't for me so I got into longboards. It just annoys me that if I walked into any skate park here, I'd practically get kicked out for bringing a longboard.
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if they're too small, try a doublekick around 35in. that's what I use for my street and park needs, as well as some freeride and tech sliding. anything topmount with a wheelbase on the shorter end, and a functional kicktail (or two) shouldn't be a problem in the park. hell if you can shred on a big board at the park, most people where I'm at would impressed.
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I'm still on skateboard soon be baptized to longboarding haha
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