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Finally, i found a beautiful brain. It is beautiful, interesting, smart, but the most important thing is; we are moving at the same wave of energy. I saw it while I was traveling to my world. It didn't ask for my permission, and also made me feel that it doesn't need any permission. It has the key to my world. Seeing it there, in my secret place, while shining like the source of everything. I don't know what should i do. I like to watch it in my own world, but does it feel the same way? Am i disturbing while watching it. I have many questions, bec this is the first time i share my world. Should i tell that i know it's here. Or may be I'm in its world.
thanks greggr i will pay attention to typos.
@OmerTurco Thank you. Your pieces focus on an experience I'm not sure how closely we can all relate to, so being able to clearly read the words will be very helpful.
I'm not sure what the phrase "Is it pleased as i did." means, but overall I think the idea of a world whereyou're not sure if you're in charge, or just a part of it, is something we can all understand
There were a few typos in here that tripped my reading up (distutbin instead of disturbing, for example!) but overall this work is very introspective @OmerTurco Rather than examining whether or not the person likes the narrator, I like that the narrator wonders about their brain and it's place in the world.