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I did something awful yesterday, and I put a screw on too tight. I wasn't looking at the top of the deck (ergh). My friend was holding my board, and I thought he was watching the top side. My mistake for not paying attention :( it's not bad, but I'm still upset. I'm trying to get over it. Ugh. Anyway, I'm going to put a flat washer under the head of the screw, and I was wondering if you guys think I should switch to panhead screws? My board is a top mount. Or should I just leave this alone?
If it holds your board together, good. Your boards bound to get dented.
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It's absolutely fine buddy honestly. Decks are made of wood at the end of the day your guna get dinks n scratches and everyone one of them will remind you of a funny story of how it got there :) just ride it dude
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Bit of a tip tho. If you back the screw out a little but still tight enough to do it's job the wood under the screw will bounce back n rectify itself. Ply wood has memory
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Thanks guys! I felt really crappy about it!
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