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need opinions! (loaded?)
Right now I'm riding a loaded tan tien and it's probably one of the nicest boards I've had to ride, but it's time for a new one, I figured I like loaded so why not get there best board (the chubby unicorn). I've been reading reviews and there's a good amount of hate calling them poser boards and shit, and that just is annoying because I ride all the time and to me that's a really nice board. So I don't understand where the hates from, I know there company's better then loaded but from riding Arbor and landyachtz( I know that's not many bit I don't really ride with friends so I haven't had the opportunity to try out many boards) it's been the most comfortable ones. So why does loaded get a bad name I'd rather no be spending 400+ on a board to know I could of gotten better. I do Downhill and sliding mostly what do you guys recommend
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Just stick with whatever is comfortable and gives you the most fun! Because that's what Longboarding is all about, fun! Not politics! If you feel safe and comfortable riding a Loaded then try the chubby unicorn! :D
Ummm I feel that a lot of the hate comes from how expensive it is, and also how unique it is. I'd just go with the tesseract but whatever floats your boat!