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Hey guys! So as some of you know, I love making sweet graphic edits using a couple of apps that I end up showcasing here in the Longboarding community! All the graphics I post are ones that I think would look badass on a real longboard deck! And I've gotten a lot of great feedback from you guys :D so I though why not turn it into a small business?? So for all of you interested in looking for a custom graphic that you want to put on a deck, Here's how it works: all you gotta is submit a request to me (via message) and we'll discuss it and such. I only charge $5 -OR- you can mail me a cool souvenir from where you live! :D THATS IT! (Here's some of my work above ^) I'm open to your guy's thoughts about all this and such!!!
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Lol! Definitely man! You should totally turn that one piece graphic into a deck though :D I'd love to see that! @AlainCasimiro
3 years ago·Reply
@filirican hey man the graphic design is saved sure I will!
3 years ago·Reply
@filirican what are the apps?
3 years ago·Reply
Fragment and Photo grid @IanRichardson
3 years ago·Reply