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Holidays are just around the corner and maybe you are already freaking about what to get for your friend or family member who is a web design geek. Have no fear, this card is here to help you! 1. "My clients think I'm working on their website right now" T-shirt I personally find this shirt is hilarious. This is perfect for a freelancer. Link: 2. "I've seen the future, it's in my browser" HTML5 T-shirt Buy a t-shirt and support an open-source project? Great deal, in my opinion. This shirt is perfect for someone you know that loves HTML5. Link: 3. </head><body> T-shirt Another clever t-shirt, I would totally wear this one! Web people, I'm sure you get this one, haha. Link: 4. Eat. Sleep. Web Design T-shirt This is another great shirt. Great for someone who is passionate about web design. Link: 5. I love jQuery T-shirt Another great shirt specifically for jQuery lovers. Link: