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When you nail a trick then mess up on the stupidest thing
So @steezus wanted me to post a video of me sliding but the new layot of vingle is slightky confusing so all i could do was post screanshots. Any way so i did a 180 at first and then a switch. Everything was going great untill i stepped on my wheel xD
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well that happened
3 years ago·Reply
haha the moment i stepped on the wheel, i knew i fucked up
3 years ago·Reply
at this moment Ben noticed heeee fucked up
3 years ago·Reply
I want to see this video as well. Get a youtube acount, upload and then share. I don't see what the problem is...
3 years ago·Reply
@skatehi619 , i posted earlier. Ill tag you hold on
3 years ago·Reply