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Santa Barbara is warm in November. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere where there was snow for the holidays, but then I have days where I really appreciate living by the beach in California. There are a lot of colorful leaves in the Fall, and I love it. I hope it fits appropriately with this theme @JonPatrickHyde @photogandy @Vaius @hikaymm! Canon Rebel T2i, 85mm f/1.8 Lens 1/3200s @ f/1.8
I'm in SB all the time. I love riding my bike up there. I've lived in places where winter is cold, wet, and bitter. Trust me, you'd rather be there, even on a day like today when the wind is hot and blowing at 25mph.
This is awesome!! Sorry I haven't had a chance to participate yet; I'll make an effort to pull some shots together tonight :) I love how many different colors you can see in 1 leaf!
@JonPatrickHyde The beauty of living here, many trails for biking and hiking. I can imagine...I probably would want to experience a cold winter only for a while...I would miss the California sun if I was gone for too long!