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i really enjoy this place! beautiful scenery, warm ocean, good weather, and palm tree everywhere 😍
I've always wanted to go to Miami, I've only been to Tampa. I like the 7th picture showing the silhouette and sunset! What did you use to take them?
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@TechAtHeart oh really? thank you! :) i've spend 10days here , i really want to go to tampa as well but it takes 3-4 hrs :(, well all pict i was taken by samsung dv150f,
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@IndahDidi Nice! Yes, same reason why I didn't go to Miami! Tampa is a nice city. It was my first experience in Florida so I wasn't used to the hunidity in December!
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@TechAtHeart yap! you right that best time to going FL, maybe someday i'll go to tampa and palm beach :)
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