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Rose (Radha Mitchell) cannot accept the knowledge that her daughter Sharon is dying of a fatal disease. Over the protests of her husband, she flees with her child, intending to take the girl tp a faith healer. On the way, she ends up driving through a portal in reality, which takes her to eerie and deserted town of Silent Hill. Sharon disappears in Silent Hill and Rose follows what she thinks is her daughter's silhouette all over town. It's soon clear the town is not like any place she's ever been before.
@janekhon i thought it was a great movie but i also had nightmares for a couple of day hahahahahaahha @cityofkyle i remember going to the see it with my cousins and well we had to watch another movie right after because we were too scared to go home just with that in mind! hahah
Silent Hill is in my opinion one of the scariest movies ever! Maybe it's because I watched it when I was very young, but I thought it was horrifying lol =/
I kinda liked Silent Hill, though the prequel totally sucks.......