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When you guys have a wipe out do you guys get a little freaked out when you get back on your board or feel like you lost your mojo? Today I fell on the asphalt and busted my upper lip, scraped my hands, banged up my knees, and got roadrash on my chest. So the rest of the day I felt weird on my board like I was gonna lose it again and fall. I'm not sure if I was having an off day or whatever so I ended up taking it real easy like I did when I first learned. Does this happen to you guys or is it just me?
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When you've skated for years, road rash becomes normal aha. As long as you're consistently challenging yourself you will crash and get hurt. Just how it is.
@Agek thanks man
A little bit of fear is healthy. It keeps you alive. Use it to make you a better rider.
I feel like a I get significantly better after every fall. Just focus on what you did wrong and don't do it again!
@skatehi619 thanks for the advice man