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Reality has hit me that even if I get a job I won't be able to afford to buy myself a decent deck or helmet.
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I'm with @mpoblete, even though you don't have a board right now, working hard and earning some cash will at least get you closer. The same love and dedication you put into longboarding should reflect in your determination to earn one. I'm new to this adult stuff too but I'm pretty sure a minimum wage job can get you a decent longboard from zumiez at the very least for about 2 to 3 paychecks, especially in california.
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My Madrid cost me $50 and it was used. You can also find bargains if you're determined. :)
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amizon man its ur best friend when u first start out on ur own
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That's a good strategy too! Lol
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Ebay and craigslist can be your best friend. Also, Churchill decks are cheap and great!
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