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I'm posting this to try to motivate you guys. Like a lot of us have already said before, its all just being active and supportive in this community. I joined near the middle/end of October, and I'm #8 of all time. You just have to put time into being active, helping people if they have questions, and just partake in all the love and fun that we all bring here to this community. And that doesn't mean just spam a lot on the page, but post things that interest you, or stuff you have questions about, also stuff you think is funny or weird and want to share, as long as it has a positive impact in the group. Just want to get this out holding that this clears things up for a lot of new members (if they see this at least). there, rant over. Sorry for writing so much xD
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Yah good Idea @AlainCasimiro I should just wait till tomorrow and skate all off
*will just
activity is the word
iv been at it for a week and I'm like 253
@MicahKnopp it perfectly okay that you went on a rant about this cause we all agree with you.