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so I was thinking that we should start a fight club with our boards on the line, that way I can combine two things I love, longboarding and fighting. so who's tryinna join? (this is almost kinda imaginarily 50% legit-ish in Narnia, but if I can get a couple of people in on it we can make it almost kinda imaginarily 50% legit-ish in America, and theeeen take over the world) p.s. imaginarily, as far as I know, is not a word.
Can Americans fight all of a sudden now? Lol
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well...... we're not Canadians so I say we got something there
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I'm in, but remember, the first rule of longboard fight club is not to talk about longboard fight club xD
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@mikhalemashak I will finish what you started my friend. I will not let you die in vain!
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exactly^^^ it's a conspiracy maaan
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