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It's amazing how we have 5700 plus members now. I don't even think we had 1000 in October. That's incredible. Ever since Vingle, I pretty much stopped paying attention to other social media sites.
People are really helpful around here. I've had board issues since yesterday, and this was the only place where I knew I could get an immediate advice. Love it here, dude. Welcome!
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love this community so much! it's growing like hella fast
3 years ago·Reply
There wouldn't be a community without all you. All of you are making it happen :)
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Yea, I can't stand when people get all negative, arrogant, and constant one upping. Why can't we just share the stoke and good vibes!?
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Ben, I think we started around the same time. I remember when there were only a handful of cards.
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