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no where but down hill from here!
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That road is also extremely wide I wish I had somewhere like that around here.
3 years ago·Reply
@RichardSchafer that road has tar all the way down, yuck xD
3 years ago·Reply
@Agek but there's no cars and its so wide they could easily pass you by.
3 years ago·Reply
the tar do sent help but it's a great warm up hill, you hit about 25 mph if you bomb it
3 years ago·Reply
25-30 is my max recorded speed I have gone. One hill I bombed I hadn't intended on bombing one day but as I rode by it was just so tempting and I know it was faster than 30 because that was the fastest I had ever gone. I want to bomb it again but I'll have to wait till spring and by than I should have a helmet
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