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Got an old PC collecting dust? Why not give it a new life by installing Ubuntu on it. Download the latest version from Burn the image to a CD or better, create a bootable USB thumb drive. Of course, your PC must support booting from a USB drive. You can check by having a look into the BIOS when the computer is booting up, in the first seconds. Often, you'll see a message saying "Press DEL/F2/F11..." Once in the BIOS, find the page where you can set the bootable device priority. By default you should see the CD Drive as the first one, then the hard disk. See your manual for more details. Once set properly, insert the bootable thumb drive in your USB port and boot up your PC. You will then see Ubuntu starting up. After a while, you will be asked if you want to install or just try Ubuntu. If you have at least 2gigs of RAM, you can try it out without even installing it. It will be a bit slower but will give you an idea if your PC will support Ubuntu. For installing, just follow the instructions. It's really easy. My mom could do it. Ubuntu is quite different than a Windows or a Mac. The "Start Menu" is at the top left. Just explore and you should get the hang of it in just a few minutes. Firefox is the default browser. If you wish for Chrome, simply go the Google's website and download the installer. Once downloaded, double click on the file (.deb) and the Software Centre will guide you in the installation process. Think of the Software Centre as the Apple Store or Google Play. Everything is in there... Tell us about your experience!
@patrickballeux, Do you use Spotify on Ubuntu? I've been having trouble getting the repo to work
@TechAtHeart, hope it turns out well. Let us know how it works out
Ok, I'm going to finally try this. I have been putting it off!
@csgeek, yes I hope I can have some free time this week to write about my experience and first thoughts about Ubuntu
@patrickballeux I was following a tutorial online but for some reason I cannot add the might be an issue with spotify, though. Not entirely sure.
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