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Prompt #2: Put together a story in which your best friends come together from all over the world for Thanksgiving dinner together. What happens? Explore this idea in writing! In honor of this holiday, I'm opening up some "thankful" prompts to get you thinking. Feel free to give it a try in the comments, or, leave a link to your card so you can enjoy it! Join in more November events! (
A gentle fragrance of cinnamon and cider permeates the air. Someone is busy in the kitchen. I can hear clanking of a wooden spoon...a sweep of a cookie sheet sliding in or out of the oven, I cannot say, for I am pinned in absolute comfort on a goose down couch buried under a collage of crocheted blanketry and living breathing cats and dogs. I'm relaxed, ready for a nap but I keep my eyes open to watch my sister put up the Christmas decor...
Rather than a meal, we have a potluck, with us each bringing something our families always made. I bring butter noodles, and even though that's a bit simple, I see more than one person piling the noodles onto their mashed potatoes, and covering them both in corn and gravy, so I know my contribution, though unneeded, is appreciated. We eat faster than usual, knowing we can go back for more, and instead our time is spent cutting paper snowflakes out of old printer paper and decorating an apartment that will otherwise remain undecorated.
I picture my doorbell going off annoyingly as several persons bang on my door forcefully... I picture walking to the door smiling; opening it to "stupid, shouldn't be standing at the door like a good girl waiting for "HER ROYAL HIGHNESS" to grace your ungraceful house" ... & other off color remarks (that should normally piss us off)... I picture the thanksgiving prayer; cleaning the food off our faces. That's cause everyone will want a different meal and a bite of every other persons meal... All together it'll be a crazy thanksgiving if i could get my few friends to come together.