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This video features me, Kamrin Milburn, Charlie(black lab), and my dog Angus on the first downhill part. The last run is in the same spot as my last video, but instead of going around the block, I went straight down the hill. The last clip features Lacey, Mr. Mouskers, Sargent, and I. Accidentally recorded it, but it turned out use-able. The two pictures at the end are my board on a barbed wire fence by the road sign of the hill I bombed, Coleman Creek Rd. It drops over six-hundred feet in about 2.5 miles making you go 35 miles p/h at some parts! That's over 55 kilometers p/h for those who use the metric system. It's a fun, and intense grip run with a little bit of a challenge. The music is a cover of the Jimmie's Chicken Shack band's song. I lost a lot of footage of sliding Griffin Creek, and bombing that road due to accidentally deleting the clips off my GoPro prematurely, but I will try and re-shoot it again very soon if the weather is nice this season. Get stoked for that, and follow me!!!
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cool video!!