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Mario Kart...
Friendship Destroyer. Since, '92
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This is the game that destroys friendships. This and Diplomacy.
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Haha! This is so true! Maybe you can add marriage husband and I have definitely had some heated Mario run-ins. In jest, of course. Haha!
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@UsagiChan I remember playing on the Wii one day at uni. They were playing the 32 course marathon and I had picked up from someone who left 72 points out of first 10 races in. I finished top of the table by about 11 points at the end. No one talked to me for a week. XD
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Oh god lol. I remember my brothers got into a fight lol @Spudsy2061 & @sanityscout lol this game can ruin anything Nintendo's plan...we see thru it!!
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