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so I'm about to clean my bearings again and seeing that this is the year I have the most boards, I was wondering what the best way to clean bearings is. please comment and hope the answers help other people
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I Mae a bearing cleaning kit where the bearings are held right above the degreaser. I shake it to degrease the bearings for about 30 secs then let it sit for a minute I do that three times. Then let them dry and as soon as they are dry I lube them quickly to avoid rust. Use citrus degreaser it's not damaging to the bearings or you
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I use a small Gatorade bottle with 97% rubbing alcohol and shake then dry and lube em up!
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Use only 91% or higher alcohol. Anything less has too much water content. Remove bearing shields,(very critical step) Place bearings in a gatorade bottle with the alcohol and shake to oblivion. Empty and replace the alcohol and repeat. Then use compressed air or a hair dryer (don't blow with mouth, too much moisture) and completely dry the bearings. Then apply 2 drops of bones speed cream in each bearing and replace seals. Brand spanking new
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Just pop em in yer mouth and suck on em like candy they'll come clean.
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Clever words form a doctor
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