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First Take's Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate who they have winning between Tom Brady's New England Patriots and Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady has the current advantage winning both games they have played against each other. Brady has a 3-0 TD/INT while Luck has a 4-7 TD/INT. It's going to be an epic game but I think Brady wins one more season due to his experience and his team being more complete.
Pats D is insane this year, but yea Brady seems to keep on ticking. @EightyNine I don't deny he is a good QB but for a long time there were those who actually questioned Manning's worth bc he didn't win a championship. But what are Luck's numbers in the past 3 playoff games? He has thrown 7 INTs...
7INTs. Once he wins a playoff game (let alone a championship), then I will start calling him HOF bound
@Goyo That is true but it was a miracle that they even went to the playoffs those 3 seasons... and he did lead the Colts to that comeback win against the Chiefs!
@TrueBruin Yeah its amazing how that d-line just neutralizes the run. Having Revis take out one WR helps no doubt
Bradys still got it. Although to be fair that pats defense is amazing this year
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